Nutrition Coach | Food Lover | Recipe Developer

Prescision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

I’m a food lover, educator, mama and lover of all things beautiful and nourishing,  living in small town  North Idaho. Most days you can find me in the kitchen experimenting, devouring the latest food ‘zine or teaching cooking classes. I have a passion for helping clients create healthy, delicious food for their entire family. Obsessions include: cold brew coffee, vodka sodas, lake life and making things pretty and delicious.

My food journey began a decade ago. After years of dieting, working like a maniac and general chaos my body quit on me. At that point I was diagnosed with every allergy under the sun (later I would find out that this meant I had leaky gut) and I started to realize how powerful food really was. When I used it wisely it was the best medicine and when I ignored my body it was the most powerful poison.

The road to feeling vibrant and healthy has not always been straight, but I have learned incredible things along the way. As a mom and a wife I am passionate about fueling our bodies with whole, healthy, quality food. After all, if food is the number one input into our bodies, shouldn't we spend our time and resources making sure it's of the highest quality? And, oh ya, it should taste REALLY good too!