Squeaky Clean Salmon Omelette +

How to Become an Omelette Sorcerer


Truth be told, until fairly recently I’d conquered everything in the breakfast egg category except omelettes.

For some reason they scared the hell out of me and seemed too complicated for an everyday breakfast option (anyone else feel the same?) It was actually Mr. Markwardt who originally masted them, flipping confidently in the kitchen while I looked by in wonderment--a true role reversal in our home. A couple months ago I got the craving, and the courage up to try them and they were so much simpler than I imagined. So simple, that I think you can absolutely master this in your own kitchen. Plus, how fun is it to stuff those bad boys with all sorts of delicious fillings! For this recipe I kept it squeaky clean, but you can make omelettes a million ways and I’ll be honest (although this recipe doesn’t call for it) they are really damn good with a fair amount of cheese layered in.


Squeaky Clean Salmon Omelette

2 Large eggs + ⅛ cup egg whites (or 3 large eggs)

¼ cup leftover salmon, broken into chunks (@Thunderscatch is our absolute favorite!)

¼ cup shredded brussel sprouts

Basil + red pepper flakes + lemon juice to garnish

Salt + pepper


How to Become an Omelette Sorcerer



  1. Whisk like you’ve never whisked before. You want your eggs to be creamy and smooth. All the silvery membranes from the egg whites should be completely incorporated into the yokes and what will remain is a gorgeous creamy orange liquid. And don’t forget to season those eggs with a healthy amount of salt and pepper. No amount of seasoning after they’re cooked will make up for under seasoning at the beginning.

  2. It’s all about the pan. I’m not a fan of non-stick pans in most situations, but for omelettes they’re a MUST. I  grabbed this one from Amazon and it’s made all the difference.

  3. Make it hot and slick! Pre-heat your pan over medium-high heat for at least 3 minutes. This ensures that you’ll get an even temperature throughout your pan and that ensures your omelette cooks evenly! Once your pan is preheated add a good measure of oil and swish it around the pan making sure to cover the edges (I like avocado oil) you can also use a spray oil for this purpose. I don’t suggest using olive oil for high-heat cooking, it’s likely to burn or smoke at this heat and that’s not going to make your omelette taste very good.

  4. Push and Tilt (just like the Bend and Snap except with eggs...ten bucks to anyone who guesses that reference). Once your pan and oil are hot, pour in those eggs. Make sure you have a plastic spatula on hand for this task. Hold your pan in one hand and tilt it toward you, letting the uncooked eggs come to the front of the pan. With your spatula push the eggs at the front of the pan towards the center. This makes room for the uncooked eggs to make contact with the pan and cook. Continue to do this making your way around the pan and gently sliding your spatula along the edge of the omelette to ensure nothing is sticking. Once the majority of your eggs are cooked (i.e. there’s more cooked than liquid egg) you’re ready to flip, don’t be scared!

  5. Flip the Bird, I mean omelette. But really, with all the same gusto that you’d flip that idiot driver who cut you off the bird, channel that energy into your omelette. Sissy , half-assed flips will result in sad, broken omelets, a true travesty. Before you flip, check once more that your eggs are completely free from the bottom of the pan. If you’re new to flipping, I suggest trying it over the sink the first few times, just in case. Then take a breath, and with your pan in your dominant hand, push it away and up and then quickly back towards you. Like a half circle motion, starting and ending at your chest.

This sounds complicated, but it’s super easy. If you’re nervous about flipping here’s a foolproof method: slide your omelette onto a plate, invert your pan on top of the plate and then flip the plate over and voila, you’ve just flipped your omelette! Either way you do it, it will taste and look great if you follow the previous steps.

Once your eggs are cooked on the opposite side, add your fillings and gently fold one side over the other. Then, gently (again!), slide your masterpiece onto a plate. I always like to top with some maldon sea salt, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon for good measure. And fin! You're done and even if your flip didn't go perfectly, you always have tomorrow morning to try it again!