So you Want to be a better cook?

Before Jenn’s cooking classes, the idea of planning and prepping real, healthy meals felt overwhelming and intimidating - it always seemed like an ideal I couldn’t reach on a regular basis. But once I took Jenn’s class, I realized I had been overthinking the whole process - from shopping to finished product. Jenn’s cooking classes are based on a simple and sensible approach to food. She walks you through the steps in a fun and straightforward way, giving you the tools to create meals that taste incredible with none of the stress we associate with cooking wonderful food. And in the class itself, there is a kind of magic that is hard to describe - Jenn’s warmth and humor quickly turn a group of strangers into friends sharing good food and laughter by the end of evening.
— Terry McGuirk

I believe cooking should be fun! Good food doesn’t need to be expensive, stressful or overly complicated. Think of what we do as less of a “cooking class” and more of a culinary experience because, let’s face it, “classes” can be boring. I want you to join me for 2-3 hours of fun, cooking, good food, and, yes, I hope you learn a thing or two along the way.

Instruction covers a broad scope of technique, plus you will go home with a selection of creative recipes that use fresh, flavorful ingredients, along with the confidence to pull it off in your own kitchen. But more than the recipes, I want to teach you to cook intuitively and creatively, to understand flavor and composition and to create some badass recipes of your own in the end!

During our cooking classes, you do the cooking as I guide you. I have worked in restaurants, owned a whole food catering business and currently write a blog where I shares seasonal, healthy recipes with readers. I’m a self taught cook, so I know what it’s like to be a home cook and how to make the most of your kitchen. I know what it’s like to have a tiny kitchen, budgets to adhere to and picky eaters to please. And trust me you CAN create beautiful healthy food without wanting to rip your hair out!

After a brief introduction, you will be given various seasonal recipes to help prepare. As the dishes are completed we'll share the meal you've created family-style. All classes are hands-on unless otherwise noted and geared towards adults and teens 16+ (with parental consent unless accompanied by an adult)..

You can register for all classes online and even purchase a gift certificate if you have a friend or loved one who is an aspiring foodie.

Cook and Sip! Looking for a fun and unique way to hang out with your friends? Need a cooking class just for your family or friends? Book a private cooking class in your home or our kitchen for at least 6 people and up to 15! Think girls night out, birthday parties, anniversaries, the possibilities are endless. You choose the menu items and price point, and date; we bring the food,  the wine and the know-how.

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Jenn’s group cooking classes with a friend last fall. It was AMAZING! Not only did we learn great techniques, cook healthy food, and get great wine paired intentionally with every course, but I felt like we were dining in a five star restaurant. Yes, the food really was that good! I am planning on having Jenn host another class for a group of my friends and I. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
— Mahle Williams